Parent Advocate Leaders

We Organize and Mobilize Parents to Create Real Change

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Parent Advocacy Leaders (PAL”s) embody the belief that change is needed to improve our school system in Camden. These dedicated men and women are the frontline organizers who go out into the community to inform parents and grandparents about school performance, current policies negatively impacting children’s education and quality school options.  Most of all they listen to parents to learn about their concerns and aspirations for our schools. We then then take that information back to find ways to improve our community and our schools.

We identify, educate and mobilize parents and grandparents to fight the education inequalities and injustices that have plagued our city for decades. We are demanding changes now. Starting with just 19 parents and grandparents in 2015, we’ve grown to over 1,000 passionate and empowered activists ready to “break barriers” at school board and community meetings.

Parents for Great Camden Schools is a movement made up of parents from all District, Charter and Renaissance which seeks to bridge the school type gap which has traditionally prevented real meaning dialog and change to occur.


Parent Advocate Leader's Pledge

I am my child’s first teacher and I have high expectations for their life and education.

 As a parent I pledge to:

  •  Advocate for my child’s education
  • Support my child’s education to the best of my ability
  • Model actions and attitudes to reflect my child’s education is a priority
  • Partner with my child’s teacher to stay informed and involved
  • Nurture my child’s ability to learn