Since 2015, Parents for Great Camden Schools has met with 8,000 families to discuss ways to improve educational opportunities in the city. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to empower, mobilize and strengthen the voice of every Camden parent to advocate for all children to receive a high quality education

Love this organization of active parents and community members. We love supporting their efforts.
— Ajeenah Riggs, Camden Parent

The Parent Platform

A Great School In Every Neighborhood

We applaud the progress we've seen so far, from improvements in district schools, to new Renaissance schools, to growth of some high quality charters - but we can't stop. Every family deserves a high-quality school in their neighborhood, and no family should be forced to attend schools that aren't meeting their needs. We demand continued action, addressing those schools that aren't meeting the bar for success and doing whatever it takes to give families the options they deserve.


Improved Transportation

What use is a great school if a parent can't get there? FAR too many parents don't choose the school they'd like for their child because of concerns over bussing. We need improved transportation access and higher-quality service from our busses. 

Better Special Education and Bilingual Services in All Schools

Not all schools are providing all programs and services. Every family should be able to attend a school knowing that they're specialized needs will be met, and we need greater transparency about which school are, and are not, serving all kids. 


Higher Quality After-School Programming

Research has shown that a longer school day and school year makes a major difference in student success. We need the type of programing that can help give our students an extra leg up. From athletics, to tutoring, to enrichment in the arts or sciences, we need the types of opportunities that will make a difference. 


World CLass Teachers in Every Room

We have dedicated, caring, and compassionate teachers in countless classrooms across our cit. We need more of them. We need to continue to see strong support for our teachers, including better professional development, as well as meaningful partnerships with our local colleges and universities to ensure we continue to recruit the best and brightest teachers into Camden.