PGCS is developing a series of interviews with local leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs to spread the message that Education Works! The goal is to provide real life examples of how education has help move individuals beyond personal circumstance and opened doors for them. Providing the public with insights as to what skills these leaders see as important to gaining opportunities within their respective fields we want to connect parents in a meaningful way which can further support how we as community nurture and support their children's development in pursuit of those career's. 


Sean Matthew Brown

Sean, is the CEO of DuBois Douglass Strategies, which supports grant writing and strategic planning for grassroots organizations and small non-profits.


Rashaan Hornsby

Rashaan Hornsby is a successful Entrepreneur, Community Leader and Coach, currently the Founder/ CEO/ President of the multimedia entertainment company Visionary Entertainment, LLC. Rashaan was born and raised in Camden, NJ.


CHRIS collins

CEO/Editor-in-Chief Chris Collins is a native of Camden, NJ and is a member of the local clergy in Camden.In 1995, he started what is known today as the nation’s premier faith-based and professional weekly newspaper for winners, Anointed News Journal .