Bryan Morton is the Founder and Executive Director of Parents for Great Camden Schools; where his organization works to empower parents and caregivers to overcome systemic barriers negatively impacting children’s educational outcomes. At PGCS the goal is to build up the capacity and confidence of parents to once again become equal partners in the educational experience of their students.    

Mr. Morton holds undergraduate degrees in Urban Studies and Metropolitan Planning from Rutgers University-Camden, and is currently, pursuing his Masters in Sustainable Community Development.

Mr. Morton’s long-range goals for the organizations are to unify the community across lines of school type; so that Camden residents can regain control over decisions affecting their children’s futures. “I believe that in order to build healthy strong communities you must first look to develop the capacity of residents, while also increasing access to opportunities and empowering residents to partner in the work at hand. Ultimately, I am working toward the empowerment of our entire community so that systems begin to respond to their needs and instead of subjecting the community to the will of policy makers."